14 July, 2008

Your Lucky Number

Numbers have been thought to hold mystic significance from the beginning of time. If a
certain number keeps coming up in your life it would be wise to pay attention to that
number's meaning. Some believe that a person's number could even represent the
development of the soul. According to this dictum, everyone must go through a series of
stages in order to attain perfection, and the first stage is represented by the number
one, and the highest level of development is represented by the number nine. In other
words, if your number is one, you may be a new soul, but if your number is nine, you're
about as close to perfection as a human being can be.

So how do you determine your number? Well, below are a couple of methods that are
often used.

The first one is based on your name. Write down your name on a piece of paper, then
look up the corresponding numbers on the graph below. Then add all the numbers
together, and keep adding them until you arrive at a single number. After you have the
number, look at the list below to see what your number means.

For instance Bill Gates would be 2+9+3+3+7+1+2+5+1=33 Then add 3+3 together to
make a single digit, 6. So Bill Gate's number is 6. He's fairly high up there in the way of
soul development!

Another method to find your number is to add the numbers of your birthdate in a similar
way. Suppose you were born on February 2, 1975, you'd arrive at your number like this:
0+2+0+2+1+9+7+5=26. Then add the two numbers together, 2+6, to equal 8.

But what else do these numbers mean? Well, here's a list with a short description of
each number:

1. You may be at the very beginning of your development. In other words, you're a new
soul with much to learn, so you're naturally curious about everything. You often find
yourself digging through books at the library. You're also a person who likes long and
lasting relationships. You're a leader, and possibly a workaholic. You generally take on
too much responsibility. But you're strong and you recover quickly. You have faith in
yourself and your abilities. You are compatible with people whose numbers are 4 or 9.

2. You are a very happy person, usually at peace with yourself and the things that are
going on around you. One of your weaknesses could be that you are very sensitive,
easily hurt. Yet, you're very good with finanical matters, and can build a highly
successful business. Your romantic partner should be a 7 or a 9.

3. You're the serious type, and you study all things around you similarly to a scientist.
You need to relax more and have fun. You sometimes take everything too seriously.
You're compatible with number 5 and 6.

4. you're the affectionate one. Unfortunately, you can also be overly possessive...and
can be considered a hoarder. Still, there are moments when you are overly generous,
and when you are, your luck seems to improve considerably. This is an important lesson
for you to learn in order for your soul to grow and move on to the next step. You
compatible numbers are 1 and 6.

5. You're the giving one. You always give more than you take. You often share not only
your affection, but material things such as money. You have a sense of humor and are
outgoing and friendly. You are well liked by most people you meet even if you are a
practical joker sometimes. You're compatible with 5 and 3.

6. You're the go-getter. You may be an athelete, since you're very physically active. Your
weakness is your jealousy. You often have a tendency to get jealous over minor things.
You should learn to curb these petty feelings in order to move to the next level of
achievement. You're compatible with 2 and 3.

7. You're the sympathic one. Unfortunately, you have a difficult time showing your
emotions sometimes, and people could mistake this for coolness. You're also very neat
about yourself and your environment. You have an excellent sense of organization.
You're compatible with 4 and 6.

8. You're fond of luxury and spending money, which could be your weakness. You love
nothing more than having a good time. You are loyal and stable, but can be possessive
and stubborn at times. You're compatible with 1 and 6.

9. You're at the end of your soul's development. You are imaginative and creative, an
artist or author, a musician, or dancer...or you work in some other creative field. Doing
what you love most is more important to you than making a lot of money. You love a lot
of color and drama. You are also a very sensuous lover, but you have a tendency to let
your heart rule your head. You're compatible with 1 and 9.


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